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Scottish Regional Group of Arabian Horse Supporters

Promoting Pure-Bred, Part-bred and Anglo Arab Horses in Scotland
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Points  Championship




Annual Points Championship Entry Form, Rules and Points can be found to download below.
To enter the Points Championship,  either submit Online Points Entry Form or send in Paper Entry Form:

12th November 2017
Results will be announced at the November AGM 2017


The Highest points gained by a single "Horse and Owner/Rider or Handler combination" will win the OVERALL and RESERVE Points Championship

Only categories A through H are INCLUDED in the Overall Point Championship.

DOWNLOAD Entry Form HERE  (Word version)


To enter the SRGAHS free Annual Points Championship please use the Online Form below:



1.      All questions with an * are compulsory.

2.      Please enter 0 in the box for km Endurance if N/A for the Category entered.

3.      Please ensure you enter a valid email address.

4.      Once you have completed the Form details. Click the "SUBMIT" button at the 

bottom of the page. You will receive an email confirming successful submission

and a copy of your submitted Entry detailing all shows input on Form.

5.      If you have more than 24 shows to enter for a Horse in any one Category, please submit another Points Entry Form.


                      Thank You

Points Championship Online entries are now OPEN

POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP IS NOW CLOSED for 2014. ONLINE FORM will be available again for 2015 in September.