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Scottish Regional Group of Arabian Horse Supporters

Promoting Pure-Bred, Part-bred and Anglo Arab Horses in Scotland
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SRGAHS Fundraising

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 Welcome to SRGAHS Fundraising webpage which we hope you will take part in to help raise funds for the Group and try and win yourself the jackpot prize of £40.00...!


The competition is open to members and non- members so please join in and have some fun.  Each box is £2.00 per square which you can choose what horse you want. If that horse has already been chosen another horse will be allocated to you. You can buy as many squares as you wish. Once all the squares have been sold the silver panel will be scratched off to reveal the winning horse and that square wins the £40.00.

Entry fee  - £2.00 per horse/square. 

A photo of the the card will be posted on the Groups Facebook page as it fills up and to show the winner.

Click here:

Payment by
Paypal/ debit or credit card only please

  To enter simply pay by paypal and email your name and horse you want to: Susan Kilgour –


 Race Card Entry Fee
 £2.00 per square


Contact for the Online Race Card Enquiries:- Email:

                            Susan Kilgour